Anthology is committed to protecting our communities with best-in-class COVID-19 safety practices that adhere to CDC, state, and local guidelines. Our programming nurtures wellness in body, mind, and spirit for our residents. As our communities reopen across the country we are balancing caution with guarded optimism. Our phased reopening plans are tailored to the needs of each community, with the paramount objective of safeguarding the health and wellbeing of all who live and work at Anthology.

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 Safety Protocols 

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Letter From the President of Anthology

October 15, 2020​​

To our residents, resident families, and team members:​

I am gratified to share with you that Anthology is carefully moving forward with reopening, and our company is growing.

It has been affirming to see programming, visitation and daily routines gradually being reinstated at our communities, albeit with limitations. In addition, the occurrence of positive cases in our communities has tapered down significantly, from a height of 75 in April to a current level of 12 across the entire portfolio. The majority of current cases have been detected via our ongoing random testing of team members, and via testing in our new-hire process. I look forward to more progress. At the same time, many unpredictable factors of the pandemic are in play, and I want to set expectations that reopening will continue to be a dynamic, non-linear process. Caution is still the order of the day and expecting the unexpected is now standard operating procedure. We remain prepared to respond to changing circumstances, with protocols, PPE, tests, and timely communications. Our inventories are well-stocked, and our supply chains are strong. I know many of us can point to instances where communities have temporarily needed to step back to more stringent restrictions out of an abundance of concern for safety. Thank you to our residents, our families, and our team for the important part you all play during these ongoing months of patience and precautions. Together, we will stay the course of vigilance. Read More


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