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Anthology Senior Living during the Holidays

As the holiday season approaches, the idea of moving during the holidays may not only be timely but also incredibly beneficial for senior citizens. Beyond the festive decorations and cheerful atmosphere, residing in a senior living community offers a unique blend of safety and socialization, enhancing the overall safety and security of your loved one. Quality of life in a senior living community is boosted by the opportunities and amenities that living there provides.



Every day in senior living communities, there are a variety of social activities for seniors to do that nourish mind, body and spirit. During the holiday season, this is especially true, with a variety of seasonal activities, including holiday mixers, cookie classes, holiday crafts and hot cocoa tasting.

Seasonal activities offer opportunities for socialization for seniors with their neighbors and the team members at the community, boosting mood-improving chemicals such as dopamine and serotonin in the brain.

Loneliness during the holidays for those who do not have family or friends near is common, so the sense of camaraderie that living in a community brings is a welcome addition to seniors’ lives. Seasonal social activities for seniors are a great way to encourage and motivate those living in senior living communities.

Access to on-site senior living amenities, such as movie theaters, fitness centers and community dining, can help with companionship needs as well as continued motivation to make the best out of each day that they are in the community. Feeling lonely around the holidays may have an effect on mood, causing or contributing to depression and anxiety in seniors.


Maintenance-free winter

During the winter months and holiday season, weather changes may bring unexpected snow and ice that may result in power outages, slippery stairs and sidewalks, and more. If a senior is living alone at that time and an emergency occurs, they may be homebound for days while waiting for power or help from loved ones. This presents many challenges when anticipating safety for seniors in the winter months.

Further, seniors living on their own may have to complete or pay someone for winter home maintenance to keep it safe for the winter months. A homeowner’s responsibility to shovel and salt sidewalks presents another challenge for those who may not be able to leave the home.

In a senior living community, there is peace of mind for seniors as everything they need is in one place, including meals, caregiver support, and medication access and management. Senior living communities have their own power supply and backup generators and more resources to tap into in case of an emergency or evacuation. In Anthology communities, safety and security is always top of mind.


Peace of mind

Ultimately, the invaluable part of living in a senior community is the peace of mind that it brings to both seniors and their families. When in a senior living community, seniors can count on round-the-clock caregiver and community leadership support for access to services like housekeeping, linen services and transportation in case they need to get out into the community. Not experiencing the burden of arranging these services can be especially helpful during the holiday season.

Friends and family of seniors do not have to worry about getting to their loved ones in case of these emergencies because there is a support system in the community that is looking out for their well-being. With advanced emergency services in place, seniors can remain warm and comfortable inside their homes, no matter what the weather is doing outside.


Move to Anthology This Holiday Season

Anthology communities stretch nationwide, offering support for any senior looking to move into a senior living community. One of our communities, Anthology of Natick in Massachusetts, can be hit with brutal winter weather! The good thing for them is that they live in one of our newest communities, equipped with luxurious amenities, such as a movie theater and game room, to pass the time with friends and neighbors while the snow falls outside.

Anthology of Charlottesville celebrates the holiday season by involving their residents in decorating the community’s Christmas trees, making it a joyful event for everyone involved. By hanging ornaments and stringing lights, the holiday spirit is alive and well within this community.

In communities like Anthology of Mayfield Heights in Ohio, the winter weather can be unpredictable – and that’s why the enhanced safety measures the community has in place become extra valuable during the winter season. Instead of the possibility of a senior being homebound and isolated, there’s always a friend or team member in the community who can keep you company on snowy days. This companionship is crucial to maintaining a positive attitude during the winter and holiday season.

At Anthology at Burlington Creek, residents can enjoy a festive holiday meal through the Entice dining program, custom ordered to meet their dietary needs. The team at Anthology works diligently to make their menus versatile and fresh, offering a variety of choices for every meal. Want something else not on the menu? Just ask! The team would be more than happy to whip up something to satisfy your taste buds.

From the assurance of a secure environment to the seasonal activities for social engagement, these communities are designed to provide a supportive and vibrant lifestyle that becomes even more pronounced during the festive season.

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