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Anthology Senior Memory Care Embraces Memory Care Innovations

As the population ages, there is a growing need for specialized care for individuals with Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia. Innovative approaches in senior memory care, including personalized therapies and environmental design, are being explored, and Anthology memory care is leading the way.

What Is the Importance of Architectural Design in Senior Communities?

Building thoughtful senior living architecture and environmental design plays a crucial role in senior memory care. Creating a supportive and comfortable environment can significantly impact the wellness and quality of life for seniors, including those with dementia.

There are a variety of ways that Anthology communities work to create safe, inclusive and comfortable spaces for memory care residents through community and residence arrangement and accommodations. From safety and security in the community to memory care design and thoughtful memory therapy for dementia, we choose a comprehensive approach to senior memory care.

Safety and wayfinding: We feature clear signage and cues to help residents navigate the community easily. Through use of contrasting colors and patterns to enhance visibility and aid in wayfinding, we make it easier for residents to stay independent while moving throughout their residences and the community.

Homelike atmosphere: When moving into an Anthology memory care neighborhood, residents are encouraged to bring familiar items to reduce stress and anxiety and feel settled into the environment. Anthology memory care communities utilize memory boxes outside of memory care rooms for residents to showcase their life’s history. These visual cues and memory prompts help residents recall important information and cherished memories.

Fitness and wellness amenities: We know that exercise has immense benefits for mental and physical health. The Anthology of Farmington senior living community offers a fitness and wellness center to promote physical well-being through low-impact exercise. All of our communities are equipped with top-notch, state-of-the-art fitness centers, encouraging physical exercise as a memory therapy for dementia.

Flexible indoor spaces and outdoor spaces: Our communities feature multipurpose spaces that can be used for various activities and programs. From games to movie nights to dance classes, our multipurpose rooms can be rearranged and adapted to any event.

All of our communities have accessible and secure outdoor spaces to encourage residents to safely spend time outdoors. We incorporate gardens, walking paths and seating areas to promote physical activity and relaxation while taking in fresh air.

Anthology of Tanglewood, offering options for memory care in Houston, boasts a fantastic outdoor terrace equipped with beautiful views of Houston. Featuring green space with sun chairs and lounge areas, it is the perfect spot for Houston senior living – providing plenty of Texas sunshine above the hustle and bustle of the city.

Memory Care Innovations in Technology

In modern senior memory care, we strive to incorporate dementia technology that promotes safety, communication and engagement for individuals living with dementia. Our mission, driven by cutting-edge technological advancements, aims to enhance resident security and enable swift responses to emergencies.

To achieve this, many communities, like Anthology of Olathe, offering senior living in Olathe, KS, have implemented 24/7 emergency response systems, ensuring residents can access help at any time, and take proactive measures to minimize the risk of falls, maintaining well-lit and unobstructed pathways in hallways and residences. This senior living architecture design element allows residents to navigate their homes effortlessly, even during the nighttime.

Additionally, we embrace innovative technologies such as touch-powered bedside lamps and voice recognition software. These features automatically control lights, temperature and music, enhancing the living experience for individuals with dementia in our residences.


What Smart Technology Is Used for Residents With Dementia?

In Anthology memory care communities, our team utilizes the revolutionary iN2L programming. iN2L® is dedicated to fostering person-centered engagement by providing technology that facilitates activity and wellness initiatives to those with dementia.

It’s Never 2 Late (iN2L) elevates residents’ quality of life through the promotion of dignity using technology. This memory care software enables residents to connect with the world. The interactive content library grants instant access to secure memory care, therapy sessions and wellness activities.

The iN2L program, acknowledged nationwide, introduces an intuitive and innovative touchscreen computer system specifically crafted for seniors. This advanced system is renowned for seamlessly combining adaptive hardware, software and content to offer a personalized technological experience for seniors.

In addition to iN2L activities, our communities offer special wellness activities and programs every day. Research shows that these brain activities, such as games and word puzzles, can help slow cognitive decline associated with aging and help older adults sharpen their memory and mental skills needed in daily life.

Further, continuing and taking up new hobbies can help the brain function and improve mood and mental health outcomes as well. Cognitive therapy for dementia includes allowing memory care residents to be innovative through art and other creative expressions, which helps them communicate in new ways. Our team is trained to recognize these opportunities and create new spaces for our residents to flourish while in our care.

Staff Training

At Anthology memory care communities, we provide comprehensive training for our team to effectively support individuals with dementia. By staying abreast of the latest research, trends and innovations in dementia care, we are transforming the landscape of senior living.

Our approach involves developing a personalized care model, complete with individualized wellness plans and tailored communication methods, all aimed at enhancing the overall quality of life for our residents. We aim to create close-knit relationships between our residents and their caregivers, as well as other employees around the community.

In our thorough orientation program, we guarantee that every Anthology memory care team member possesses a specialized background in dementia care and undergoes mandatory annual training.

Employing a high-tech, high-touch approach, we seamlessly deliver care for moderate to late-stage dementia, addressing behaviors like wandering and exit-seeking. Our comprehensive support includes e-records, smart devices and other advanced tools.

Throughout our team training sessions, we explore and organize activities designed for memory care residents, aiming to enhance cognitive flexibility, problem-solving skills and working memory through personalized wellness plans.

In Anthology memory care communities, our team is dedicated to creating long-lasting connections and support for all of our independent living, assisted living and memory care residents. We continue to stay abreast of memory care innovations to constantly improve our operations and find new ways to reach our memory care residents where they are in their dementia journey.

We are proud of all of our Anthology communities and their innovative ways to improve dementia care. In this blog we have featured Anthology of Tanglewood, Anthology of Olathe and Anthology of Farmington, showcasing some of the senior memory care neighborhoods around the nation.

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