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Continuing my life story: Eddie H at {{location_name}}

Continuing My Life Story: Eddie H.

Eddie H. is Lead Housekeeper at Anthology Senior Living. He credits his mother, a Registered Nurse, for instilling within him an extraordinary attention to detail.

“When I was growing up, my mother was a traveling nurse implementing rules and regulations in different buildings,” Eddie said. “That’s where I learned to be a stickler for the details.”

Whether there’s a table to be polished or a drop of wine on the carpet, it’s no match for Eddie’s skill and commitment to excellence. “I’m a master carpet cleaner,” Eddie said, “If I see a spot, it’s not there for long. I have to get it out!”

Eddie said his mother has always been his inspiration. She deep cleaned the house on Sundays and maintained a superbly tidy home, in addition to her work as a traveling nurse. “To this day, I think about what my mom did,” Eddie said.  “Because of her I’ve always cleaned, and I’ve always done it with a smile on my face.”

Much like his mother, Eddie sees cleaning as an opportunity rather than a burden. “I love the clean,” Eddie said. He finds inspiration in maintaining tidy, hygienic spaces. “If you don’t love what you do, why are you doing it?” Eddie added.

Eddie said fresh spaces are important for safety and hygiene, and they also make people feel welcome. You want people to feel comfortable,” Eddie said, “And I like to represent Anthology in the best way.” At Anthology Senior Living, Eddie H. takes pride in the daily maintenance of the community’s elevated living spaces. “People come in our building, and they can smell how clean it is.” Eddie said.

 “Cleanliness and proper maintenance are the cornerstones to providing a safe and healthy environment for our staff and residents,” According to Amiee S., Executive Director at Anthology Senior Living.

She says the importance of cleanliness has never been more evident than during the pandemic. “Without the focus of our environmental team, we would not have been as successful in keeping our residents healthy,” Amiee said.

Eddie and the maintenance team adjusted immediately to the new demands of the COVID-19 pandemic. Eddie helped implement cleaning and disinfecting protocols, systematically wiping down doorknobs and surfaces to eliminate the spread of germs. “The pandemic made me even stronger as a housekeeper,” Eddie said. 

The result is a community of safe and satisfied residents. “Due to our practices, we did everything possible to keep everyone healthy,” Eddie said, “We want to be the best.”

Beyond the pandemic, Eddie embodies a personal and professional commitment to cleanliness. “I take pride in seeing a building that’s clean so residents can come in and rave about how clean it is,” Eddie said. “As housekeepers that means we’re doing our part.”

Within the community, Eddie has established many special connections with residents. One resident likes to give Eddie a fun-size candy bar as a treat every time he stops by her room to clean. “On a given week, I might furniture-polish all of the tables in a resident’s apartment,” Eddie said. “I personalize it to their needs and make sure they’re happy with the finished product.”

A father of three teenage children, Eddie says his kids are very proud of the work he does at Anthology Senior Living. “I have two boys and a girl,” Eddie said. “They love seeing me do my work.”

When Eddie’s beloved mother passed away, he found sincere support and care from his teammates at Anthology Senior Living. “They were there for me when I lost my mom,” Eddie said. “They called me every day to check on me, to make sure I was OK.”

Amiee S., Executive Director of Anthology Senior Living reflected on Eddie’s role in the Anthology Senior Living community. “When we say you’re part of the Anthology family, we mean that,” Amiee said. “We do what we can to take care of our staff as much as our residents.”

Eddie is celebrating more than five years at Anthology Senior Living, going on six. “I love my job,” Eddie said, and the community is grateful for his meaningful contributions. “Eddie is a very vital member of our team,” Amiee said.

Thank you, Eddie, for being a bright spot at Anthology Senior Living!