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Continuing my life story blog post

Continuing My Life Story: Meet Shannon

Shannon, a Medication Care Manager at Anthology Senior Living, received an Award of Excellence from a member of her community in April.

“One day, Ed just hugged me and gave me a certificate for providing excellent service,” Shannon said.

Ed, a former science educator at St. Louis Public Schools and a resident at Anthology Senior Living, took it upon himself to print the Award of Excellence in his apartment and present it to Shannon in honor of a job well done.

Shannon’s daily duties as a Medication Care Manager include assisting residents with medication, meals, hygiene, and general caregiving. Her commitment to excellence one recent afternoon while interacting with residents in the community bistro had resonated with Ed, inspiring him to honor Shannon with the commemorative certificate.

“Ed told me how he appreciated me working here, being here, and making his day,” Shannon said. “It was Ed who made my day!”

Establishing meaningful connections with residents like Ed is a source of great pride for Shannon. It is a testament to the bond she develops with residents while fulfilling her role as a Medication Care Manager at Anthology Senior Living.

Shannon’s connection with Ed comes as no surprise to Executive Director Lynn S., who said Shannon has developed meaningful relationships with both residents and team members since joining the Anthology Senior Living community on October 12, 2020.

“Shannon comes into every shift with a smile and makes it a point to say hello to everyone,” Lynn said. “She has an undeniable passion for our residents and never hesitates to step in and assist anywhere she is needed.”

Lynn described Shannon as “always smiling and making everyone around her smile.” Plus, “Shannon has the best laugh!” according to Lynn.

Co-workers describe Shannon as a “breath of fresh air,” adding that Shannon is the type of team member who always stays busy assisting residents, while also remaining ready to help a colleague on a moment’s notice.

Shannon described her workday as positive, fulfilling, and very precise. “When I arrive at Anthology Senior Living for my shift, I meet with the Medication Manager,” Shannon explained. “We count every pill to ensure it is properly accounted for.” Shannon receives a report on the medication regimen for each resident and stocks the medication cart with the requisite supplies.

Shannon earned her certification as a Licensed Medication Aide, a designation that equips her to safely and properly administer medications. “I make sure each resident has a fresh cup and fresh water. Then I check the computer and go in order from room to room,” Shannon explained. If a resident is out of their room and engaged in a community activity, she checks to make sure it’s OK to provide their medicine while the person is busy.

Accurately documenting medication dosage and times are primary duties of Shannon’s role at Anthology Senior Living. During her shift, she carefully checks whether any medications have changed for a resident. Another important part of Shannon’s job involves staying with each resident to ensure the prescribed medication has been safely swallowed. Every medicine is accounted for with the strictest adherence to the regimen as prescribed by the resident’s individualized care plan.

Shannon, who has been working in the medical field for twenty years, reflected on her career choice. She said caregiving comes naturally to her. “I’m a patient and calm person,” Shannon explained. “Growing up, I used to help my mom who was a single parent. I needed to know how to take care of myself and others from a young age.”

Beginning at age 10, Shannon walked herself home from school. “I cooked meals for the family,” Shannon said. “My mom would come home from work, and I’d have a meal ready for her. It wasn’t always good, but my mom knew I tried!” (laughs)

Making others feel safe and supported is one of Shannon’s lifelong values. “I want the residents to feel happy,” Shannon said. “I want the community to know that I am always here to help if anyone needs assistance.”

Thank you, Shannon, for providing Excellent Service to your Anthology Senior Living community each day!