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Culinary Adventures in Senior Living Dining



Anthology Senior Living communities are redefining what senior living dining means – fresh, nostalgic and new meals are introduced weekly, keeping residents nourished and excited to join us for a meal for their next culinary adventures. Our team focuses on providing a calming environment that promotes wellness for all residents. Our communities are staffed with a professional culinary team that takes special care to make each meal enjoyable.


Creating a supportive environment for people with dementia, including providing appropriate cues, is crucial for their well-being and quality of life. Environmental cues can help individuals with dementia navigate their surroundings more easily, reduce confusion and agitation, and promote independence.


By engaging multiple senses and keeping to routines, caregivers can create a supportive and stimulating atmosphere that fosters a sense of comfort, security and familiarity for residents.

Entice Culinary Program

Anthology’s Entice dining program is a signature element at all Anthology Senior Living communities. Every senior living dining meal is a culinary experience for the resident. An array of menu choices are available every day, meticulously crafted from scratch by our talented in-house chefs.


Each executive chef takes pride in understanding residents’ dietary preferences and crafting scrumptious meals tailored for great community dining. Plus, with round-the-clock snack and food options available, we guarantee resident satisfaction at any hour. Savoring these moments and these gourmet culinary delights is one of the best reasons to choose Anthology as your next home.


At Anthology of Charlottesville, residents enjoy giving input about their favorite meals, and many residents love the modern twist on their old favorites, both nutritious and delicious options for every meal. Whether residents are enjoying a light breakfast or a heartier meal, there’s always something to satisfy every palate. If you are looking for Charlottesville senior living, this community is the one for you!


Start and End With a Routine

Establishing routines around mealtimes is crucial for seniors as they often thrive in structured environments. Consistent meal schedules provide them with a sense of stability and predictability, which can contribute to overall well-being. Seniors may struggle with memory and cognitive functions, so having set times for meals helps them remember to eat regularly and maintain proper nutrition.

Routines around mealtimes foster social interaction and companionship, as they provide opportunities for family members or caregivers to join them and engage in meaningful conversations. By prioritizing mealtime routines, we not only ensure seniors receive essential nutrients but also promote a sense of comfort, security and connection in their daily lives.

Both before-meal and after-meal routines are necessary to reduce confusion for individuals with dementia and to help them have an enjoyable day. Before meals, it is important to utilize the topics below to slowly introduce residents that it is time to make their way to the dining room for a meal.

In the same token, after-meal routines – such as going into the card room or listening to soft music played by the piano – are great transitions into the next part of the day.


Engage the Senses

Eating is an activity that engages all of the senses, so it’s beneficial to appeal to all senses when it comes to meals. Cues, such as familiar scents and flavors, can evoke positive memories and associations related to mealtimes and other daily activities.

Taste and Smell

The first sense that comes to mind for mealtime is taste, and our culinary team works to introduce residents to new meal options while still offering their favorite comfort-style meals. Menus at the table extend the fine dining experiences with food, allowing autonomy and independence for residents to choose exactly what they would like to eat for that meal.

Our professional chefs also involve residents in meal planning and preparation, allowing them to engage their senses of smell and taste while fostering a sense of autonomy and purpose. Another favorite way to incorporate community dining and assisted living meals are themed meals for holidays and other special occasions.

The culinary teams hold monthly meetings for residents to share input and recommend senior living menu ideas that they would like to enjoy. During mealtime, residents can ask for dietary preferences and accommodations, which our culinary team is happy to implement for them.



Visual cues, such as consistent schedules and clear signage, help residents navigate their daily routines and experiences with food more effectively. Having visible reminders of mealtimes, recreational activities and personal care routines can help individuals with dementia or cognitive impairments stay oriented and reduce anxiety or confusion.

One way that our culinary team does this is by setting the table for upcoming meals. Many residents have lived their lives with a similar table-setting routine, so this brings familiarity and evokes nostalgic memories of good times and good meals spent around the table. These unique dining experiences are part of what makes Anthology communities such amazing places to live.


Auditory cues, such as soothing music or verbal prompts, can help signal transitions between activities and provide gentle reminders throughout the day. Soft background music can create a calming ambiance during mealtimes and encourage residents to gather in the senior living dining area.

Caregivers can also use verbal cues to gently remind residents of upcoming tasks or activities, helping them stay on schedule and feel supported in their daily routines.

At Anthology of The Plaza in Kansas City, Missouri, early in the evening, caregivers start transitioning residents to know that mealtime is coming, and they gently encourage them toward the community dining rooms. For those who would prefer to eat in their home, our culinary team is happy to bring the meals to them.



Tactile experiences, such as comfortable furnishings and adaptive equipment, contribute to residents’ physical comfort and independence in assisted living meals and senior living dining. Well-constructed, comfortable chairs; ceramic dishes; beautiful table settings; soft napkins; and even cool glasses of water on the table can all help engage the tactile sense.

Some residents require adaptive devices to assist them with eating, and having those available for mealtimes is paramount to promoting independence for seniors. Feeling adaptive dinnerware in the hands can be a sense of comfort that they can feed themselves easily and enjoyably. This is a huge part of enjoying the unique dining experiences in senior living dining.

By incorporating all of the senses into these culinary adventures, caregivers can create a holistic approach to care that supports residents’ physical, emotional and cognitive well-being. By providing consistent routines and sensory cues, caregivers can help residents feel more comfortable, confident and connected to their surroundings, ultimately enhancing their quality of life in the senior living dining setting.


Encouraging Socialization

Senior living dining is reminiscent of a time where families often gathered together around a table for meals, and the same is true for when they have made the transition into senior living communities. Some residents may enjoy sitting next to the same fellow residents at each meal, while others want to mingle around other tables.

Breaking bread together is one of the best ways to get to know one another, and our new residents at Anthology of Tanglewood are welcomed quickly by warm caregivers and fellow residents who pull up a seat so they don’t have to eat alone. It’s one of the best things about Anthology communities – the eagerness and energy put forth into including everyone into a family-like atmosphere.

Explore Culinary Adventures at Anthology Senior Living


When it comes to senior living menu ideas, our professional culinary team will keep innovating, introducing fresh and nostalgic meals that bring joy to every dining experience. We believe that nourishment goes beyond the plate; it encompasses the atmosphere, the care and the sense of community that we cultivate within our walls.

So, whether it's gathering around a table for a delicious meal or simply enjoying the calming environment of our community, residents can rest assured that Anthology is here to support their unique dining experiences and culinary adventures every step of the way. Join us in savoring the moments that make life truly special.

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