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Exploring Six Dimensions of Wellness

For a long time, health was determined only as the absence of disease or chronic conditions. Today, the definition of health is expanding at a rapid rate. It is now accepted and understood that discussions about health should include conversations about emotions and mental conditions. Wellness is another term that is expanding to encompass all forms of health. In fact, the National Wellness Institute now defines wellness as “an active process of becoming aware of and making choices toward a more successful existence.”

It is also now understood that, when one area of health suffers, other aspects of health can be negatively impacted. This new understanding makes it more important than ever to focus on the full scope of our health and wellness and to understand how each aspect of health may impact the others to maximize or weaken overall health. All Anthology Senior Living communities utilize a wellness program that allows residents to learn more about their overall health – all while supporting six dimensions of wellness.

Anthology’s Six Dimensions of Wellness

Anthology Senior Living takes a holistic approach to health with specialized programs designed to support each of the six dimensions of wellness. Every Anthology Senior Living community takes part in these programs. The six dimensions of wellness were defined with the forward-thinking notion that health is not merely the absence of disease, but the state of complete mental, social and physical wellness. Anthology Senior Living’s six dimensions of wellness include:

Physical health

Social health

Emotional health

Intellectual health

Spiritual health

Environmental health

The daily programming at all Anthology Senior Living communities is built around each resident and offers activities designed to provide purpose, offer assurance and instill meaning. The programming also includes daily opportunities for mental and physical fitness-focused activities, allowing the residents to feel both empowered and inspired. At Anthology of Town and Country, communities, residents are invited to participate in physical exercise classes that improve flexibility and strength, attend moves in the theater, take part in book clubs or even play in a card game to keep their skills sharp! Anthology’s assisted living communities, like Anthology of Wildwood or Anthology of Rochester Hills, provide comfortable, private accommodations, while also offering a calendar full of daily cultural, social and recreational activities.

Programs to Support Wellness

In addition to daily exercise classes, games and entertainment options, the Anthology Senior Living communities employ technology, training and cutting-edge programs designed to support the complete health of our residents. Some of these programs include:

Fit Minds
The central idea behind the Fit Minds program is the concept of exposing residents to new ideas. While playing games and doing puzzles can draw on lessons learned in the past, Fit Minds challenges residents to learn and retain new information. The program utilizes Cognitive Stimulation Therapy to help improve overall brain health. Learning new information not only stimulates the mind, but it also offers seniors a way to continue to grow and achieve in their golden years.

The technology program iN2L focuses on person-centered engagement through activity and wellness initiatives. iN2L brings people together – connecting Anthology Senior Living residents across communities and states, allowing new friendships to build and family members to bond. Residents have the opportunity to share learning and experiences, while exploring topics and activities that interest them.

Alzheimer’s Association CARES EssentiALZ
The Alzheimer’s Association is the country’s leader in the fight against Alzheimer’s and all forms of dementia. They participate in research on a global scale; provide information, education and early detection tools; and support organizations that offer memory care. To ensure our residents have the best possible quality of care, Anthology Senior Living communities that offer memory care, like Anthology of GrayslakeAnthology of Clayton View and Anthology of The Plaza, use the Alzheimer’s Association person-centered and evidence-based training and certification programs, including CARES and EssentiALZ. To see a full listing of Anthology Senior Living communities that offer memory care, go to our community finder.

Making Healthy Choices

If you are considering senior living, it is important to understand the approach different senior living communities take when considering overall health. With the ever-expanding understanding of health and wellness, it is best to have access to programs that promote wellness in all aspects of your health. The six dimensions of health at Anthology Senior Living provide options and opportunities for residents of all levels of fitness, independence and health to find ways to enjoy each day and improve their ability to experience life.

Do you have questions about our communities? The team at Anthology Senior Living has answers! Contact us today to learn more about our communities, our programs and how we support our residents and their families. Wondering if there is a community near you? Visit our community finder to learn about all our locations!