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Isolation vs the Benefits of Socialization for Seniors

For many seniors, it can be easy to only think of health in terms of physical illnesses and ailments. However, it is important to think about all social, mental and emotional aspects of life that can impact health, especially as you grow older. Part of addressing mental and emotional health is to fill each day with activities that bring joy. At Anthology of Tanglewood, residents have access to amenities that support their minds and bodies with activities ranging from yoga and swimming to book clubs and community outings.

There are serious health concerns for seniors who spend too much time alone. For seniors and their loved ones, it is helpful to understand why loneliness can be a health risk and to learn more about the benefits of staying social in your golden years.

Benefits of Social Activity vs Risks of Loneliness 

Older adults may see a shift in their social calendar after major life changes, such as retirement, recovery from an illness or surgery, or moving into a new living environment. In addition, if having an illness changes your physical abilities, you may be tempted to turn away from hobbies and activities you enjoy, but that now seems much more difficult. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), if these changes lead to spending too much time alone, it could cause health risks, such as:

Increased risk of death, mainly because isolated people are more likely to take part in unhealthy behaviors.
An estimated 50 percent have an increased risk for developing dementia
Heightened risk of heart attack, heart disease, and stroke
Increased rates of anxiety, depression, and suicide, all of which are associated with loneliness
A greater risk of hospitalization due to illness

However, seniors who maintain an active, engaged lifestyle are likely to see numerous health benefits. At Anthology of Olathe, seniors and their families have plenty of open, inviting spaces to gather and enjoy delicious meals and entertainment. The on-site concierge services can help ensure residents always understand their options and keep their days filled with all the spa appointments, library visits and exercise classes they choose. Benefits of social activities like these include:

Reduced stress and greater ease in handling stressful situations
Longer lifespan thanks to overall improved health
Greater self-esteem and a stronger sense of self-worth
Lower levels of anxiety
A reduced risk of depression

Finding Your Social Circle

With the clear benefits of remaining social and engaged, many seniors make the choice to move into an independent living community. Independent living communities, like Anthology of Novi, promote connection and socialization. Anthology of Novi offers residents the chance to embrace their current interests and hobbies, while providing the resources to find new ones. With specialized programs, including Aspire Wellness and Elements Activity programs, residents at Anthology of Novi can set their own schedule and goals. Many choose to strengthen their bodies and improve flexibility through exercise classes, while others opt to expand their minds through educational seminars or to broaden their horizons by enjoying movies, book clubs and games.

Choosing an independent living community that offers the activities and amenities that make you happy is the best way to take ensure you will get the maximum benefits out of the social opportunities. At Anthology of Mason, residents can choose the activities they enjoy, decide how they would like to spend their down time and bring friends and family along for everything from mealtime to game night.

A Safe and Social Future

At all Anthology Senior Living communities, residents find a culture of care and support. The environment at Anthology of Mayfield Heights and each Anthology Independent Living community is designed to offer options for activities, hobbies, exercise programs, social gatherings and entertainment options to fit any lifestyle. Our unique Elements Activities vary between sites and are always being adapted to keep up with the needs and interests of residents. In fact, our Director of Elements is completely focused on creating a list of monthly entertainment, education and fitness options that will inspire and excite our residents. Independent living is an excellent option for active seniors!

Do you have questions about our communities? The team at Anthology Senior Living has answers! Contact us today to learn more about how we support our residents, create our calendar of monthly activities and keep our residents’ families involved.

Wondering if there is an Anthology community near you? Visit our community finder to learn about all our locations!