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Our Core Values

Our Core Values

There are so many choices and considerations when exploring all the options for senior living. For families and for seniors, wading through the information can be overwhelming. And while all the research and data gathering can be intimidating and time consuming, understanding the choices is the best way to make the right choice for your family.

Many of the common questions families and seniors ask about senior living communities focus on the amenities and the services. At Anthology of Burlington Creekthe team is accustomed to answering inquiries about their on-site salon and spa, their fitness programs and their community activity center. These amenities significantly improve the overall wellness and happiness of the residents, but they are not the only consideration. As you learn more about senior living communities, some of the most important things about each community are the things you can’t see.


The Importance of Culture, Purpose and Values

The intangible parts of a senior living community are really what create the feelings within the community. When a senior living community is established, the culture, the purpose and the values of the community are put in place, and those are used to guide all decisions going forward. The idea is that these three things will create the culture and the environment of care for the residents. Here is how each of these pieces contributes to the whole:

The community’s culture guides how the day-to-day operations at the community are handled. It defines how people treat one another, how problems are resolved and how new ideas are evaluated and put into place.

A senior living community’s purpose is the statement of why they do what they do. This statement helps to guide decisions, such as what services to offer, what amenities to provide and what types of training should be required for team members. At Anthology of Clayton Viewthe stated purpose of providing a unique senior care experience for each resident is shared with all residents and families when they enter the community.

The values of a senior living community define that community’s beliefs, and principles. The values also ensure all team members are working toward the same goals and play a crucial role in creating the community’s culture.


Core Values at Anthology Senior Living

At Anthology of King of Prussia, the community’s stated purpose focuses on providing a unique senior living experience for each resident. This commitment is shared between every team member and is explained to every family who visits the community. Anthology of King of Prussia and all the Anthology Senior Living communities also make a point to publish their values. These five value statements are the foundation of the culture at Anthology. These values include:

Empowering Connections
There is great power in connection and engagement. At Anthology of Wildwoodresidents enjoy beautifully maintained outdoor gathering spaces, as well as purposeful daily cultural, recreational and social activities.

Each resident is unique and deserves to have their story heard. Anthology Senior Living communities are committed to learning each resident’s story, their likes and their needs. 

Anthology communities value both feelings and information. Choices are made to better all aspects of health – physical, mental and emotional. Team members are committed to helping residents in a meaningful, constructive way.

Aspirational Living
Anthology communities prioritize enjoyment and purpose for each resident. They use this value to guide choices about daily activities, amenities and services, such as the Aspire Wellness and Elements Activity programs at Anthology of Plano

Uncompromising Care
Providing the highest possible level of care is at the heart of each Anthology Senior Living community. The Anthology team maintains the highest level of ethics and works tirelessly to find ways to improve and to learn.

Transparent Culture
We foster a culture that encourages collaboration, diversity in thought and innovation. No idea is too small to make a difference

Understanding Your Choices

All of the Anthology Senior Living communities share their commitment to our purpose and our values on their websites. Our values are a part of building our programs, getting to know each resident and addressing their unique needs, and creating engaging activities to keep our residents learning and enjoying each and every day.

Want to see our culture and values in action? Contact us to schedule a visit and tour an Anthology community today!