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Prioritizing Fall Prevention

Every year, at least three million seniors are treated in emergency rooms around the country for injuries due to falls. According to the Centers for Disease Control, one out of every four seniors who are 65 and older fall each year; and, once a senior has fallen, their chances of falling again increase.

While many falls do not cause injury, one out of five falls is likely to cause at least a broken bone. The most common injuries to seniors from falling include:
Broken bones
Hip fractures
Head injuries
A fear of future falls, which can make a person cut back on much-needed physical activity

An injury from a fall can make it harder for a senior to complete daily tasks and, over time, can reduce that person’s independence. It is important to understand how fall prevention is a key element in overall health and wellness and how to take steps to lower the risk of falls in your living space.

Taking Safety Steps

While falls can be frightening, and are certainly a health risk for seniors, falls can be prevented. Here are some prevention tips to keep you safe from falls:

Talk to your medical care team
Your physician will have a list of steps you can take to prevent falls. They will also be able to review the medications you are taking to identify any that may increase your risk of falling due to dizziness or sleepiness.

Make time for exercise
Improving your balance and the strength in your legs lowers your fall risk. At Anthology of Anderson Township, there are a variety of fitness programs and classes for every fitness level. All the exercises are designed to keep the residents safe, while building the strength and balance they need to keep them steady on their feet.

Get your eyes checked regularly
Seniors should have an eye exam at least once per year. Continuously adjusting your eyeglass or bifocal prescriptions to meet your needs will help prevent falls.

Make adjustments in your living space
Some simple adjustments can make you safer in your own space. At Anthology of Clayton View, the studio apartments and suites are all designed with safety, and style, in mind. Colors, furniture and the layout of the suites are all selected to reduce the risk of falls and help seniors to navigate their own space independently. Here are a few ideas for taking extra steps to make your space safe:
Remove tripping hazards
Add additional lights and increase natural light
Put railings in the shower and by the stairs
Install grab bars in the bathroom

Staying safe from falls, or having the necessary tools to build back strength and balance if a fall does happen, are key in maintaining overall health as you age. Both strength and balance are needed to be independent. At Anthology of Clayton View, seniors can exercise their independence through their selection of daily activities, including hobbies, crafts, classes, exercise programs and community outings.

Securing Your Environment

At Anthology of Troy, and all of the Anthology Senior Living communities, fall prevention and health and wellness are made a true priority.

Anthology’s Balanced Living Program is designed to reduce and prevent falls. At each community,

Anthology’s Directors of Elements are tasked with creating opportunities and identifying activities to keep residents engaged, active and excited about their daily lives. Some of the activities that can help improve overall health and prevent falls at Anthology of Troy and all the Anthology Senior Living communities are:
Tai Chi and yoga
Water aerobics
Dance classes
Group exercise classes
Stretching sessions
Walking Club

Feeling at Home

Throughout all the Anthology Senior Living communities there is a feeling of home. Residents enjoy the decorating touches, connection with family and friends and the ability to remain independent, all while feeling comforted by the culture of safety and caring. The Balanced Living program is at the heart of this culture, ensuring residents at communities like Anthology of McCandless have access to proper hydration, medication reviews, exercise and supportive tools that reduce the risk of falls and increase the ability to recover should a fall occur. Anthology Senior Living also utilizes smart data for tracking fall patterns to identify future risk.

Do you have questions about senior living, senior care or assisted living? The team at Anthology Senior Living has answers! Contact us today to learn more about how we create a safe environment for our residents and provide engaging monthly activities.

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