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Culinary Experiences at Anthology Senior Living

Culinary Experiences at Anthology Senior Living

Getting proper nutrition is important at every age. Eating healthy keeps energy levels high, controls weight and supports better sleep. It turns out, a healthy diet can also help to prevent some diseases, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, osteoporosis, certain cancers and type 2 diabetes.

For many older adults, eating healthy may be important, but the act of eating loses its appeal. Many seniors report experiencing a loss of appetite. While some medications may contribute to not feeling hungry, there are many other reasons an older adult may lose interest in food. Here are the top eight:
Not getting enough exercise
Difficulty with swallowing or chewing
Lack of ability to prepare meals
Loneliness or depression
Not having a routine
Feeling bored at mealtimes
Loss of taste

Senior living communities, like Anthology of Northville must work to create comfortable, welcoming dining spaces and delicious, nutritious menus to keep seniors happy and healthy.

What Do Senior Living Menus Include?

The dining services teams at senior living communities are responsible for creating menus, serving residents, collecting residents’ input and working closely with dietitians, physicians and chefs to create healthy culinary selections. At Anthology of Overland Park, the Executive Chef pairs senior living dining trends with expertise in senior health and nutrition to prepare meals tailored specifically for each resident. And, with snack options available all day and night, food is always fun and accessible.

July is National Culinary Arts Month. This is the month every year that professional cooks and chefs across the United States are celebrated for their contributions to food and health. This makes July the perfect time to honor chefs at senior living communities as well! When considering a community for yourself or a loved one, the culinary experience should be a top priority. Taking a tour at mealtime allows the opportunity to sample the food, check out the menus and ask questions about food availability and diet considerations.

Many senior living communities, including Anthology of Overland Park, have on-site chefs and nutritionists or dietitians to help meet the needs of residents. With an understanding of the challenges many seniors face at mealtime, such as loss of taste and changes in taste due to certain medications, senior living menus are created to keep the food full of flavor and to meet the specific needs of each resident. Communities are also able to accommodate specific diets and preferences, including low-sodium needs, non-dairy requirements, vegetarian preferences and low-sugar requirements.

What Culinary Experiences Are Available at Anthology Senior Living?

Taking the full culinary experiences of residents into account is a large part of what makes the dining program at Anthology Senior Living so special. To create culinary experiences that raise an interest in food, promote a social atmosphere, consider dietary needs and restrictions and create an inviting feel, the team at Anthology works closely with chefs, nutritionists, dietitians and physicians; this collaboration has created the Entice Dining Program Each Executive Chef of the Anthology Entice Dining program recognizes the importance of tailoring distinctive, unique recipes for each resident’s needs. At Anthology of Simsbury, residents can enjoy a drink or sandwich in the pub with friends, share a new dish with family in the elegant dining room or simply sample a fresh-baked cookie in the bistro! At Anthology of Wheaton, the culinary experiences include:
New menus developed regularly
Dishes that meet residents’ nutritional needs
Food that inspires the taste buds and is easy to enjoy
Seasonal dishes and local favorites that are nutritionally rewarding
Healthy snacks available throughout the day and night

Anthology of Wheaton also invites anyone interested in learning more about their senior dining experience to come and share a meal in their dining room! Contact them today to set up your mealtime.

Exploring Anthology Senior Living

At Anthology Senior Living, our care is based on supporting every aspect of our residents’ health – emotional, physical and mental. From our kitchen team to our fitness instructors and landscapers, every member of our team is committed to caregiving. Anthology Senior Living is able to care for residents and their families across a wide spectrum of needs and throughout the aging process. Anthology offers three levels of care: Independent Living, Assisted Living or Personal Care and Memory Care

Are you ready to find an Anthology Senior Living community near you? Try our location finder tool to see what communities are in your neighborhood! Want to learn more about our values, our communities, our meal planning and our care? Contact us today!