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Physical Wellness and Seniors

Physical Wellness and Seniors

Most people understand the basics of wellness – drink water, wash your hands, get enough sleep. And most people recognize that, as we age, it becomes even more important to make healthy choices to support our bodies. But, what does our physical wellness really encompass? In short, physical wellness means that a person is listening to his or her body and making choices to create optimal health and functioning for that body. Taking care of our physical wellness helps our bodies to deal with stress, fight off disease, achieve better sleep and have more energy. Some of the common questions you can ask yourself to see if you are pursuing physical wellness include:

Do you move your body every day?
Do you listen to your hunger cues and make healthy food choices?
Do you stay hydrated throughout the day?
Do you regularly wash your hands?
Do you make responsible choices regarding alcohol, nicotine and other drugs?

Once you know where you are optimizing your physical wellness and where you may have room for improvement, you can use that information to make healthier choices. For many seniors, understanding what is needed to achieve physical wellness and how it can be maintained helps to get them on the right path.


Benefits of Physical Wellness for Seniors

Because physical wellness promotes the proper care of the entire body to support overall functioning and optimal health, there are many elements of physical wellness that must be addressed to gain the benefits. Living a life that includes physical activity, healthy nutrition and mental well-being brings many benefits, including:

Improved mood and self-esteem
Higher self-confidence
Lower cholesterol and blood pressure
Reduced risk of heart disease and stroke
Reduced risk of chronic illness

Many seniors find that moving into a senior community is a good way to get involved in wellness activities and to maintain an active, engaged lifestyle. For example, at Anthology of Grayslake, residents have access to on-site nutrition support, exercise options and daily enrichment activities to keep their minds and bodies moving. At Anthology of Troy, team members use the Aspire Wellness and Elements Activity programs to create a variety of options to keep residents active and to promote physical wellness. From exercise classes to movies in the in-house theater, everyone can fill their days with fun.


Wellness Activities for Seniors

Staying physically active is such an important part of physical wellness that it is a top priority in most wellness programs. For seniors interested in creating a healthy daily schedule, here are some ideas for wellness activities for seniors:

Take a walk.Walking on a treadmill, through your neighborhood or on a track – it all gets your body moving and your heart beating. At Anthology of South Jordan, residents enjoy strolling through the beautiful gardens while chatting with friends and family.

Focus on nutrition. Ensuring you stay hydrated, eat from all the food groups and consume food that gives you energy will help keep you active. Residents at Anthology of South Jordan enjoy the delicious, nutritious options made by the in-house chefs as part of the Entice culinary program.

Try yoga. At Anthology of Rochester Hills, the wellness programs include yoga classes and fitness classes that are designed for all fitness levels.

Get enough sleepRest is crucial for the mind and body. Most seniors age 65 and over need seven to nine hours of sleep per night.

Avoid stress. Residents at Anthology of Rochester Hills can unwind by using the golf simulator, getting a massage or refreshing their look in the on-site salon.

Move your mind. If you don’t use it, you lose it! Read a book, play a board game, play cards, put together a puzzle – find opportunities during the day to exercise your mind to keep it sharp.


Finding the Right Fit for You

Anthology Senior Living is committed to providing a unique senior living experience with the highest quality of care. Anthology offers independent living, assisted living and memory care at various communities, all with the needs of the resident at the heart of our culture and our values.

Ready to learn more about Anthology Senior Living and its communities? Contact us today! And check our community finder to locate an Anthology community near you!