May 24, 2022

Happy Spring from those of us at Anthology!

We have been blessed to be out and about in the communities, sharing in the celebrations of Passover, Easter, Spirit Week, Mother’s Day, and shortly, Father’s Day.  It’s been wonderful to welcome families back to our communities and see them spring to life with love and welcome commotion.  This past week has been graduation week for many; while my own son is only “graduating” from sixth grade, it made me think about how fleeting this phase of childhood has been.  How precious these moments are that we create with our friends and families.  I hope that Spring and Summer give you the opportunity to continue to make beautiful memories together and truly live for the day.
With families back in our communities, I suppose now would be a great time to discuss Covid-19.  Trust me when I tell you that our VP of Clinical Operations and Compliance is reviewing our policies daily and stays up to speed on the latest from local, state, and federal regulatory bodies.  While we try to come up with a nationwide policy, the truth is that every state and city operates slightly differently, and so we do what we can to ensure that we are striking that perfect balance between resident safety and mental well-being.  We will never be able to institute a policy for Covid that will satisfy everyone, but we are always happy to explain the why to you and hope that at the end of the day, you understand that a lot of wonderful people continue to fight for your health, happiness, and safety.
In June, Anthology is gearing up for the grand opening of our Assisted Living & Memory Care community adjacent to the Anthology of Tanglewood Independent Living community in Houston, Texas.  This gorgeous building features a state-of-the-art gym, infinity pool, and beautiful common areas where one can grab a book and  a cup of coffee and just relax.  Our home office team is looking forward to traveling to Houston to host this event on June 23 and show off this beautiful new addition!
This year marks the first year we have an Anthology Senior Living national team through the Alzheimer’s Association dedicated to The Walk To End Alzheimer’s fundraiser with a total team goal of $100,000! Having this national team brings all our Anthology communities into one uniform space, working as a true team to help raise funds for Alzheimer’s research, prevention, and hopefully, one day, a cure. We look forward to working together this year as a team, raising funds to meet and exceed our goal. Register to join us or bookmark our page, keep track of our team results, and see how each community contributes to the team goal!  www.alz.org/anthologyseniorliving
In closing, go out and explore and make some memories.  Nature is calling, and there are so many beautiful things we have yet to experience.



Erin Caswell
Executive Vice President of Operations, Anthology Senior Living 



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