Anthology Senior Living’s response to COVID-19 / July 15

July 15, 2020​

To our residents and resident families:​

Last night, the planet Jupiter was on full, brilliant display in the night sky. To astronomers, the event was known as Jupiter at Opposition. We on Earth passed directly between Jupiter and the sun—so that, at night, we directly faced the lit sphere of the solar system’s largest planet.

I did some quick fact-finding about Jupiter. It unexpectedly got me thinking. About the elders in my own family. And about our residents at Anthology.

Let me explain.

First, a quick roundup about Jupiter. It is believed to be the oldest of our eight planets. As described by NASA, it is so large that all other planets in our solar system could fit inside it. It has a gravitational pull almost two and a half times that of Earth and has the strongest magnetic field in the solar system. Jupiter has 79 known orbiting moons, rivaled only by Saturn. It is named for the king of gods in the Roman pantheon. And, there was even an unverified scientific theory that—due to its atmospheric conditions—it rains diamonds on Jupiter.

Some of you may already have caught on to why Jupiter got me thinking about elders. How they are so massive in stature to those in their constellations. How the gravitational pull of their love is so strong and magnetic, felt especially when we’ve been temporarily restricted from visiting due to COVID-19. How countless relatives, friends and colleagues have entered their orbit over a lifetime. How they are the royalty of their families. And how, for us, it is not theory but fact that they are our diamonds who shower us with affection, wisdom, and perspective. 

Jupiter even has a lesson for us about moving forward during COVID-19. The planet’s Great Red Spot is a swirling, hurricane-like storm that is over three times the diameter of Earth. The storm seems to have been perpetual for at least a few centuries. Yet Jupiter continues its journey around the sun, undeterred.

Of course, I anticipate that, though the storm of COVID-19 has not yet passed, it will continue to calm as we learn more about safeguards and treatments. And, each of us must continue to be vigilant as we gradually reopen. Wash hands, wear masks, maintain social distance. But also, take heart from the strength, endurance, resilience, and kindness that shines opposite the storm in our residents, our families, and our team members. We continue our journey.

Saturn will be at Opposition this Monday, July 20th. Enjoy the attached NASA photos of Jupiter and Saturn. See what thoughts they bring to mind. 

As always, please do not hesitate to reach out to your or your loved one’s Executive Director with any questions on the continued protocols we have put into place to ensure the wellbeing of our residents and team members. And always feel free to reach the home office at We hope you and your family had an enjoyable and healthy Fourth of July holiday.  

Benjamin Burke signature Anthology Senior Living


Benjamin Burke 
President, Anthology Senior Living 

image of Saturn and jupiter