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Blog post to support senior independent living

Ways Senior Living Supports Independence

Creating a life we love is part of the human experience. Making choices, from friends and hobbies to where we live and how we support ourselves financially, is an important aspect of building a life that is uniquely our own. Through each phase of life, the options and preferences change and evolve. During the golden years, many people begin to fear that their choices, opportunities and independence will be limited. A fear of the loss of independence is one of the greatest worries of aging Americans.

Senior independence is important to the mental and physical health of older adults. Understanding the value of senior independence can help seniors and their families make decisions on everything from living environments to healthcare.

Importance of Independence

After a lifetime spent making choices, working jobs, raising families and living independently, the idea of making changes can be frightening. While there are some aspects of aging that create barriers to senior independence, it is important to recognize the great advantages gained from living independent lives in any living environment. Here are some examples of the benefits of senior independence and how independence adds to the quality of life for seniors:

Feeling like an individual
The ability to make choices helps each person feel secure in themselves. In senior living communities, like Anthology of King of Prussia, residents make daily choices to help build lives they love, from selecting their meals and activities to decorating their living environment and choosing from a variety of exercise programs.

Maintaining balance and strength
Retaining balance and strength is a huge determining factor in someone’s ability to remain independent. It also motivates older adults to stay active, which may result in health benefits that foster senior independence in their own home or in a senior living environment.

Creating a sense of purpose
A loss of senior independence can be isolating, while independence gives seniors a sense of purpose. Seniors living independently at home or in senior living have opportunities for achievement, can contribute to the lives of their family, friends and neighbors, and enjoy activities they love.

Supporting memory skills
Memory loss gradually happens as we age, but independence and activity boost memory skills. Higher activity levels increase blood flow to the brain, and using the mind often helps to preserve memory. Daily routines also help promote both memory and senior independence.

Offering a sense of control
While there are many aspects of aging that are out of anyone’s control, making choices about aging independently can help seniors hold on to many aspects of their life. A sense of control also promotes a feeling of achievement and self-worth. 

Ways Senior Living Supports Independence

It can be challenging for seniors to choose between receiving care at home or moving to a senior living community, like Anthology of Olathe. This feeling is often driven by the fear of losing control or independence. The natural effects of aging can sometimes make it harder for seniors living independently. For example, loss of mobility, mental health challenges or a serious health diagnosis can all lead families to consider moving a loved one to a senior living environment. Let’s explore the benefits of moving to a senior living community and how that decision can support independence for seniors:

Peace of Mind

First and foremost, living in a senior living community allows seniors to live their lives to the fullest without worrying about daily tasks. In a senior living community, like Anthology of Novi, tedious or difficult tasks such as cooking, cleaning and home maintenance are managed by a professional team, leaving seniors free to spend their time doing the things they love. 

Holistic Wellness

Living in a senior living community offers residents many options for wellness. Because the care one needs is always close by, there are no limitations to what seniors can or cannot do – from exercise classes and fitness programs to many other enjoyable activities. Senior living communities, like Anthology of Simsbury, offer an abundance of amenities, services and experiences that challenge residents to keep active and enjoy physical, social, spiritual, intellectual, emotional and environmental wellness. 

Stress-Free Family and Friends

Family and friends often do all they can to assist loved ones when health issues make daily responsibilities difficult to manage; however, they are not always properly equipped or qualified to provide sufficient caregiving. Sometimes, the best decision for both loved ones and family members involves moving your loved one to a senior living community. Family and friends are encouraged to visit in a leisurely way, and residents no longer have to worry about burdening others or asking for caregiving.

Built-In Socialization

Seniors who remain home alone often feel isolated. In a senior living community, seniors have the opportunity to make new friends and spend time with them through an abundance of activities and social programming, including exercise classes, learning opportunities and daily mealtimes.

Serious Safety Measures

Seniors can be prone to accidents, which can be serious and require long, difficult recoveries. At a senior living community, residents have access to professional care 24/7, so team members are available to help with potential injuries and, more importantly, support the prevention of incidents.

Cost Control

Often, home care requires significant investment in terms of retrofitting the home, paying for home care and purchasing resources that help a senior to be safe and have access to prompt help if needed. Senior living communities, however, have become much more affordable and can be a far better financial choice than remaining at home. 

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