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Tips for Aging Well

Tips for Aging Well

A healthy lifestyle is important at any age. And the more we learn about health, the clearer it becomes that there are many components that make up a healthy lifestyle – emotional health, physical health, mental health and social wellness. Each component of health supports the others, and together, they support the overall health of the individual.

For seniors, maintaining focus on overall health can be a challenge. Sometimes exercise is difficult because of physical limitations; sometimes nutrition suffers because of lack of transportation to go shopping for groceries; and often, social wellness takes a back seat time spent at home alone. For many seniors, making a move to an independent living community early is a great way to put many resources right at their fingertips. However, it is helpful for everyone to understand some basic guidelines for active and healthy aging.


What is an Active Lifestyle?

An active, healthy lifestyle not only helps to keep mental and emotional health on the right track, it can have many physical health benefits, as well. Seniors who live an active lifestyle are more likely to have improved neurocognitive function and to see improvements in blood pressure, diabetes risk and lipid profiles. Positive health changes such as improved sleep and better balance usually follow. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend that adults age 65 and older get at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity per week and should engage in activities that strengthen the muscles at least two days per week. Here are a few ideas for exercises for seniors and ways to keep active:

Set a daily schedule that manages waking and sleep hours, and which includes a nap. Routines are comforting and calming, while also eliminating the worry about what is going to happen next. Having a daily nap time can reduce random napping and create improved sleep schedules at night.

Think about safety. Set up your living environment to make daily items easily accessible, to reduce the risk of falls and to encourage movement throughout the day.

Eat nutrient-rich, healthy foods. Healthy food fuels the mind and the body! At Anthology of Millis, residents enjoy the Entice Dining program, which offers delicious, fresh meals prepared daily by in-house professional chefs.

Stay engaged in social activities. Maintaining friendships and sharing experiences makes each day fresh and exciting. At Anthology of the Plaza, residents can enjoy the game room with friends, take the provided transportation to local events and catch up with neighbors in the arts and crafts room.

Take a walk. Moving your muscles and spending time outdoors feeds both the body and the spirit. At Anthology of Boynton Beach, residents and their family and friends enjoy beautiful landscaped outdoor spaces!

Stay committed to your passions. Fill each day with learning, pursuing hobbies and taking part in relaxing activities. At Anthology of McCandless, residents can get pampered at the nail salon, make a trip to the movie theater and join a fitness program, all without leaving the grounds!


Healthy Aging Tips

The golden years of life can be some of the most rewarding! Confidence comes with experience, and understanding comes with failures and successes – and the important relationships built over a lifetime make every moment sweeter. Aging gracefully isn’t about trying to pretend that aging isn’t happening – it is about living your best life at every age and every stage! Here are 10 tips for aging gracefully:

Be aware of sun and heat risks, and take care of your skin.

Stay active and find ways to exercise that are safe and that you enjoy.

Enjoy a healthy diet.

Stay aware of mental health risks, concerns and warning signs.

Make every effort to reduce stress.

Stop smoking and reduce alcohol consumption.

Practice healthy sleep habits.

Keep your mind engaged in hobbies, activities and new learning opportunities.

Drink lots of water.

See a doctor and dentist regularly.


Anthology Senior Living

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